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This second vocal harmonics chapter is a firework of harmonic explosions combined with professionally crafted effects and mixing vocals created for you to add momentum and essential memorable lyrical and non-lyrical vocal hooks and textures to your productions. Fundamental vocal riffs, chord progressions, pads, chops and hooks with post production processing and creative effects await recorded and edited across 90, 120, 125, 130, 140 and 150 bpm: this pack translates across a multitude of electronic music genres. 

The vocals pad atmospheres are spine-tingling and work within a wide range of club-filling areas of dance music. The layering of airy human vocalisations mixed with the post production creative fx vocal processing makes this pack a gem amongst a million typical pop hook packs. Soul Rush                                                                             Records is delighted to present: Vivid Vocal Harmonics.

This exploration in vocal sound colours and harmonics was created for you to bring life and soul into your productions. Overflowing with vocal textures, vocal chord-progressions, pre-composed and recorded melodies and single vocal lines. Perfect for use as soundtrack chord clusters for film scores, for use as a virtual choir, or as an addition to orchestral strings and brass. These vocals are heart-stirring atmospheres which work within a multitude of electronic genres. The layering of airy human vocalisations adds organic and natural components to any electronic track. Soul Rush Records and Lilli Born are delighted to present: Organic Vocal Harmonics.


03.12.2022 - Lilli Born Acoustic Duo - Kukumu Moabit

01.12.2022 - Berliner Kneipenchor - 25h Hotel 

29.10.2022 - Berliner Kneipenchor Jubiläumskonzert - Lido Berlin ->sold out<-

03.08.2022 - Varley - Hamburg

02.08.2022 - Varley - Berlin

12.+13.08.2022 - Berliner Kneipenchor - Bergfunk Festival

16.+17.07.2022 - Berliner Kneipenchor - Feel Festival

21.06.2022 - Berliner Kneipenchor - Rotkäppchen Nacht der Chöre auf RTL+ 

21.06.2022 - Berliner Kneipenchor - Akud Berlin