Sängerin, Keyboarderin, Songwriterin, Arrangeurin


Sängerin, Songwriterin, Arrangeurin, Keyboarderin und CoProduzentin von anstatt blumen


Keyboarderin und Backingsängerin von Varley


Backingvocals bei Alben-Produktionen u.a. Cris Cosmo, Kai Sonnhalter, Schmidt&Brandstetter,  Stephanie Neigel, warumLILA, Invasion der Stimmen/Pasch Goetheinstitut


Studioaufnahmen für Film und Jingles u.a. RTL, RTLpassion, Fernsehserie "der Lehrer", McDonalds, Henkel, Vöslauer, deutsche Umwelthilfe


Live Backingvocals&Keys bei Sven van Thom "Tanz den Spatz"


Jazz Sängerin bei Trio Mayence


Musikalische Leitung und Arrangeurin Berliner Kneipenchor


2002-2003 Vorbereitungsjahr Jazz-Gesang Conservatorium für Musik Enschede/NL
2004-2010 Diplom Studium Jazz-Gesang Hochschule für Musik- und Darstellende Kunst Mannheim
2007-2009 Kurse und Projekte an der Popakademie Baden-Württemberg


Masterclasses und Weiterbildung:

Speechlevelsinging, Ivtom, Powervoice, CVT


This exploration in vocal sound colours and harmonics was created for you to bring life and soul into your productions. Overflowing with vocal textures, vocal chord-progressions, pre-composed and recorded melodies and single vocal lines. Perfect for use as soundtrack chord clusters for film scores, for use as a virtual choir, or as an addition to orchestral strings and brass. These vocals are heart-stirring atmospheres which work within a multitude of electronic genres. The layering of airy human vocalisations adds organic and natural components to any electronic track. Soul Rush Records and Lilli Born are delighted to present: Organic Vocal Harmonics.


This second vocal harmonics chapter is a firework of harmonic explosions combined with professionally crafted effects and mixing vocals created for you to add momentum and essential memorable lyrical and non-lyrical vocal hooks and textures to your productions. Fundamental vocal riffs, chord progressions, pads, chops and hooks with post production processing and creative effects await recorded and edited across 90, 120, 125, 130, 140 and 150 bpm: this pack translates across a multitude of electronic music genres. 

The vocals pad atmospheres are spine-tingling and work within a wide range of club-filling areas of dance music. The layering of airy human vocalisations mixed with the post production creative fx vocal processing makes this pack a gem amongst a million typical pop hook packs. Soul Rush Records is delighted to present: Vivid Vocal Harmonics.

The vocal arrangements are inspired by the vocal arrangements of Grammy Award-winning choral composer Eric Whitacre and artists such as Imogen Heap and Bon Iver. The characteristic sound of the Neumann U67 and U87 vintage tube microphone transports the naturally warm tone of Lilli Born’s voice, fitting the sound perfectly to build vocal chords stacked in stemmed layers. The vocals’ soft, smooth and yet raw sound melt together in a wide stereo cluster. Even for unison lines, they are all expertly double or triple-tracked, amplified beautifully by the Neve 4081 Quad Mic Preamp.

The vocalist Lilli Born is a Music Director, a session singer and keys player who trained at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Mannheim, Germany. As Musical Director and arranger of the 'Berliner Kneipenchor' (a celebrated Berlin choir) her work includes recording and live sessions with legendary German artists such as Herbert Grönemeyer, Bosse and Joris, and other internationally successful touring and recording musicians.

Produced by Tigerlight (Ministry of Sound, Saucy, Punks, Party Like Us, Nest HQ, Symbols, AEI, Universal, Never Say Die, Bazooka, Suicide Dub, Golf Channel recordings) and Garvfive.